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Peter Cranstone

Pete started with Longlife back in 1991 and is now our managing director here at the Longlife Caerphilly branch. Originally a craftsman by trade he can quite literally build anything out of anything. Pete recently bought a T4 camper to take the wife and kids travelling around France in, though he seems to have developed a mild obsession for Transporters and all things VW. On top of this he has the patience of a saint and one of the few that can custom build a stainless steel manifold entirely by hand.

Clive Dann

Clive Dann (MSc Computer Science)
Clive developed the I.T infrastructure for the Longlife franchise back in 2003 and is now the technical director of the Longlife Caerphilly branch as well an IT consultant for the franchise though he does like to wear odd shoes. Clive is our secret weapon here at Longlife Caerphilly as nowadays cars as just moving computers and is our in-house specialist when it comes to vehicle tuning.

James Spiller

Previously the manager of our branch in Swansea, James like to say ‘butt’ and ‘mush’ a lot and has worked with us since 2003 and is the master of the dual exit system. A painstaking perfectionist by nature James’ work is always spot on with an eye for detail. His new toy, a Kawasaki Ninja, has sparked the bike enthusiast inside him. So if you have a motorbike or quad which you want to give that extra finish by adding a stainless steel performance exhaust James is our go to guy

Kate Dann

Kate Dann (BSc Psychology with Criminology)
Yes you guessed it- Kate is Clive’s eldest daughter. Kate originally started as a temp in 2006, lending a hand while she studied in University and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since. Acting receptionist and sectary- she makes a lovely cup of tea and keeps the guys in check. If you want a quote or need help with making the all important decision on what tailpipe to have Kate is the girl to see.

James Woodman

James Woodman (A.K.A. Woody)
Part of the nightwalker drift team, Woody is a true car nut though is due to go for surgery to have his phone removed from his hands. Woody has been with us since 2008 and although he aspires to be tea boy we value him much more as the mechanical leg of the company. If he isn’t under a car he isn’t happy. Woody is mechanically minded by nature and is always on hand for those extra things like induction pipe work

Justin Richards

Justin Richards (Nibblo) is still wet behind the ears and is currently learning to drink hot drinks.
Studying his NVQ level 2 in mechanics Justin is the newest addition to our team and is learning quickly. Set to be with us for the long haul he will soon be every bit the skillful fabricator the James and Woody are.

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