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Longlife should be your first and only port of call when you want to get the maximum power from your car by upgrading or replacing your existing exhaust system. Our fully trained and experienced staff are able to talk to you in as much detail as you need to ensure you get exactly the exhaust system that you have in mind.Our unrivalled range of over 1400 silencer combinations, designed to be free flowing for maximum power, are going to give your car the added power you are looking for. Whether you have a 1.2 Saxo or a Subaru Impreza, our Sports systems will not only sound great but also give you that extra edge at the traffic light Grand PrixLonglife are easily able to build stainless steel exhaust systems for all 4x4s. Grey import? - Certainly. Converted to LPG? - no problem. Fashionable Dual Exit upgrades? - Let's book you in. Because all of our systems are built on the vehicle using only fully trained fitters nothing is beyond us.Our experience on 4x4s has given us the know how to make sure that when we build an exhaust it not only often gives an increase in performance but can also increase fuel efficiency.Our stainless steel replacement systems are often less expensive than getting a mild steel standard replacement and because they are made using only the best T304 grade stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty, you'll never have to worry about having to replace it again.

Stainless steel exhausts don't have to be all about 'noise and fancy tailpipes'. At Longlife we are well known for fabricating standard replacement systems that are far more durable and often less expensive than the original equipment. With our industry leading lifetime guarantee, once you have a Longlife Stainless Exhaust system on your vehicle you need never worry about having to replace the exhaust again.There's also no need to worry about your new Longlife system being too noisy either before we start the build process we always discuss your requirements in detail so if it's a quiet system that you want that's what we will provide for you.

A prestige vehicle deserves a prestige exhaust system and here at Longlife that's exactly what we deliver. With our range of over 1400 silencers we are able to build you a stainless steel exhaust system that will keep your vehicle sounding exactly as you would expect of a luxury car whilst our large range of tailpipe designs will allow you to pick a look that is in keeping with its prestige heritage.In many cases, as well as increasing power in the vehicle, fuel efficiency is also improved and because our systems come with a lifetime warranty, you'll never have the worry of having to replace the exhaust again.

If you own a Classic or Vintage Car here at Longlife we know how important it is for every single detail to be exactly right. Our fully trained, experienced fitters are able to fabricate and reproduce an exhaust that will be faithful to the original design and in most cases will give improvements in performance and fuel economy.Our impressive portfolio of Classic exhausts that we've previously sold gives us advanced knowledge of how to fabricate a replica exhaust system on your vehicle. If however you require something slightly less standard, why not give your local centre a ring to discuss your exact requirements.We've built exhaust systems on everything a huge range of classic and vintage cars including Armstrong Sidley, Daimler, Rolls Royce and Bentley, Jaguar and many more. Our eye for the smallest details will result in your pride and joy receiving the best attention possible and an exhaust that is truely befitting of your classic.

As an owner of an imported vehicle, you'll know that replacement exhaust systems can be hard to find and are often very costly. At Longlife, we are able to fabricate stainless steel exhausts from scratch and the cost is often far less than trying to buy an off the shelf system.Because many imports come fitted with exhaust systems that had to comply with restrictive laws in their country of origin they will almost certainly benefit from a Stainless Steel, free flow exhaust system from Longlife which can increase power and in many cases increase fuel efficiency as well.

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